To change our life, we have to change ourselves

To change our life, we have to change ourselves. For all of what is, comes forth from all of who we are. Every situation we encounter, is manifested by our consciousness. Conscious, or unconscious. That’s why you really want to bring up all aspects of yourself. Shining your light on all those dark and muddy places that keep themselves hidden and ruining our beautiful intentions.

You DON'T have to...

The good news, there is a lot you dón’t have to do.

You don’t have to change situations you don’t have control over.

You don’t have to change your circumstances.

You don’t have to change anything in your environment at all.

It will be changed for you. By you. While you change.

My first 1000 attempts at change

When I first grasped this concept, it seemed like a bad fairytale. It didn’t work out at all. Oh yes, a lot changed. And was replaced with similar situations. Because somewhere in my core, I hadn’t changed. My ideas, beliefs and attitudes had changed. But that wasn’t enough. Somewhere deep down hidden in murky waters, there was a fear. A fear of becoming a new me. Exactly the thing I wanted, was also what I feared. I can tell you, it took me some real deep diving before I had brought thát to the surface.

Bring it up, to bring it on!

Bringing stuff to the surface is all you have to do. When you allow your not-so-lovable parts to have their space, when you acknowledge their message, you set them free. And you. Love your messengers, embrace them and sit with them for a while. Then with a blessing you wave them goodbye and on their way they are: back to their origin, the endless realm of consciousness.


In an upcoming blog I will share with you a personal story of shadow work...

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