Moving in a healthy way

Did you know that dancing is one of the very few sports in which you move all and every muscle in your body? Well I found a second-best thing if it comes to move in a healthy way. It is Moorwalking!

The first time I walked on the Moor, my health was nowhere near good. I experienced brain injury at the time and walking more than 20 minutes in flat Holland overloaded me to the point that I was in pain for the rest of the day. That being my starting point, I counted on being able to get myself on the closest Tor and sitting there in meditation for the rest of the day. Which sounded very appealing to me at the time. I just needed to get away from it all for a while.

Our usual way of walking

I was in for a surprise! Walking the Moors appeared to be in fact lighter than walking over flat roads and in being out there my health improved by the day.

In daily life we mostly walk pavements and asphalt. Roads and man-made paths offer no shock redemption which has a negative impact on our joints. Besides that they make us walk in the same manner. Using the same muscles and hardly any need to lift your feet. To the human body this is very tiresome and drains us of energy as much as moving gives energy. But walking in uneven land makes you use all of your muscles, tendons and every body part we have.

 We are used to walk fast, as if we are to hurry. But that easily leads to injuries if you’re not fit enough. Constructive walking follows the pace of your body. It requires a lot of body awareness but can strengthen you faster than fitness.

A mindful way of walking

This is why I walk in a mindful way. I am out there not to reach a goal. Not because I have to do something. I am totally fine with being right where I am. I am absolutely in no rush and even though I plan a destination, I don’t really care whether I make it or not. Or whether I change plans during the day. Moorwalking to me is about being out in nature, being in the now, living in the moment. Connecting with nature and with my spirit. It’s the combination of all of these factors that makes Moorwalking such a healthy and body supporting activity.

3 Tips for Mindful Walking

Want to give mindful walking a go? Here are some tips to get you started off right: 

Walk slow. Become aware of every step you take.
Use your breathing. Take time for every breath, inhale the fresh air, exhale deeply
Take rest and enjoy! Take time to really notice your surroundings, every tiny detail. Let your thoughts be blown away by the wind and focus on this very moment only. Just be. Pause as often as you feel like.

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