Desires: lack of abundance?

It is impossible to make a desire manifest. Why? Because a desire is about what we want but currently don’t have. In other words: we focus on a lack. And, according to the laws of our beautiful universe: that is exactly what it gives us back. The universe offers us what we focus upon.

Everything in our life is a reflection of our state of mind

That is why truth is so very different for everyone. What you believe to be true, is true for you. Yet not for someone who holds different beliefs.

Remember the saying “what you see is what you get”? Well this is obviously true.

So make sure you see what you wish to see. Whether it’s in the physical world or in your minds eye. Something that you wish, can often only be seen in your minds eye, but that is as real as seeing with your physical eyes. You look with your brains anyway, your eyes are no more than a receiver. Great receivers that is true. But there are even blind people who have taught themselves some type of vision by rewiring their brain to receive visual impressions via other ways than the eyes. (Norman Doidge, the brain that changes itself).

Feel at peace with all that is

Back to those desires: if we would never have a wish, we would never set out to manifest anything other than what we already have. So we need to wish for something. BUT…and here’s the double: we have to feel completely at peace with everything as it is now while at the same time having that wish. 

Okay contradiction you would say. The point is to have that wish in a manner in which you know in your heart you will have it, either now or at some other point in your life. And in that feeling you can find peace. You can surrender to all that is, with an inner knowing that all IS well ánd WILL be well at the same time. It is totally fine to be where you are now, knowing that you will be somewhere else at some other time. And you must feel totally fine with that as well in this very moment.

Feel at peace with the probability of change

Feeling at peace with some unknown change at some unknown point, is what we need to feel before any possibility can show up. So we have to experience a deep inner peace with all that is now and all that could ever be.

Of course I don’t need to point it out, you totally got it but I’ll say it anyway: this is why manifestation is so difficult. To feel and experience the unknown and accepting all that is and ever could be at any point in any way, is somewhat abstract so to say. Yet it will work miracles.

Your life improves as soon as you let go

So we have to let go of our desires. We have to be perfectly at peace with who we are, where we are, what we are. With ourself and our current life situation. 

As soon as you become aware that where in life you are right now, is perfect, than your life situation improves. You detach yourself from any situation and any desire and anything you think you are or can be. That allows the flow of manifestation to enter your life.

It can be small improvements or huge changes, but with your heart in the lead (meaning: being in connection with your intuition) you will always take the right turn. Or left, which then still will be right 😉 .

You have to become what you wish for

Our outer world is a reflection of our inner world.

That means that in order to create something different in our life (outer world) we have to change our inner world (yourself). In other words: we have to become the person that has already made that wish come true. We don’t have it, because our personality isn’t a match with our wish.

It can be a small thing like changing a belief that limits you, to a bigger thing like feeling way more confident and secure in life. Especially when you want to change your life, it might mean you need to do selfwork on many aspects of you. You have to grow into the person that lives the kind of life you wish to live.

Practice - reflection for selfwork

This exercise might support you in discovering road blocks

Maybe you wish to take a notebook and a pen first. Writing can work well to see clearly and gain insights. 

Look at your life now. And then look at the life you wish to have.

Now notice in what ways you are different in your new life. Do you feel happy? If so, look at yourself now and see how happy you are. Is there a gap? Now look again. In the life you wish for yourself, how do you act? How do you feel? How do you think? How do you speak? How do you behave?

Do this consciously, write down the answers to each question.

Then look at yourself now and compare. Maybe you even wish to write down how you feel, act, speak, think and behave now.

What is the difference between those answers? Those are the things you would wish to work on for your new life to manifest.

Would you like to share some of your insights with us in the comments below?

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