How can you protect yourself from negative energies? How can you protect yourself from negative energies?

3 practices to cleanse and protect your energy and open your heart

Last summer I got myself in a situation where my energy seemed to be sucked away from me and I was constantly feeling drained. Even though it’s been a while, I thought in sharing this particular story you might find inspiration in dealing with lower vibes. Of course I have added 3 helpful exercises you can do to clear and cleanse your energy, protect your field and reopen your heart.

Vampires 😉

I was in a high frequency energy, had a supportive routine to go through my days and maintain those positive vibes. I truly lived with an open heart. But I overstepped. In opening my heart I let people into my life who felt attracted by my energy but in a wrong way. They felt (unconciously) that they needed my energy to feel better and they sucked up my high vibes and I spiraled down rather quickly into lower vibrations. Mán are those people vampires or what?! 

Removing and cleansing energies

I broke the connection rather quickly, physically and energetically. Removed the energy cord, cleansed my home. But vampires have a way to stick onto you and so I kept falling into a lower energy. I had negative thoughts, was often feeling tired and tensed. As for the thoughts, I refocused every time I became aware of it. No lingering and back to my own way of thinking. Time and again. It's bizar how strong a hold negativity in one’s life can have. In spite of having trained myself to be at a level where there is no negativity, it so easily sneaks in when you're unaware for just a minute. It's like a virus actually, don't you think? It creeps upon you and doesn't wanna let go ;-). Much more contagious than any other virus too if you ask me ;-).

As a result of my thoughts, my emotion tended to be low on the energy scale too. I wasn't in the fear or worry zone, but my beloved 'happy hakuna matata' state seemed to have disappeared. I had trouble finding inspiration and couldn't live in the moment for long. 

A closed heart

Doing some selfwork, I noticed that there were two things happening. 

One was that I had allowed low vibrations into my being. 

The second one was that as a result of that, my heart had shut down. As if to keep low vibrations from entering. But as long as my heart was closed, I wasn't able to live in inspiration and love. 

This was really interesting. I realised that when you feel overwhelmed by the energies around you, simply cleansing and protecting your energy isn't enough. You need to reopen your heart as well. Never before I have so clearly felt these two parts of living in a high vibration.

Reopening your heart however, ain't that simple. Your heart is really protective of you! Or maybe it's our minds being protective. It felt as a sincere intention even though it's not effective. By taking it step by step my heart reopened and inspiration is flowing again. Back in Balance.

How to live in a higher vibration

Cleanse your energy field

There are so many ways to cleanse your energy. Here I will share one:

Open up to the sun. Focus on the rays shining upon, around and through you

Visualise this light cleansing all of you

Imagine all dark disappear. Maybe you see it flow into the ground or you see it simply dissolve.

Protect your energy field

Here is one way to protect your energy:

After doing the previous visualisation, imagine a bubble of light around you. 

You can either think of a wall of any kind, a bubble or a light and transparant shield that is present to keep out any unwanted vibes. 

Visualise this shield as often as you can, until it stays there out of it's own accord.

Re-open your heart

Now you're safe to open your heart again. You can do this for instance as follows:

Become aware of your heartspace.

Think of someone you love or remember a loving feeling. Imagine that feeling filling up your heart. Let it fill you up so much that your heart overflows and opens up. Let that loving energy radiate as long and far as you wish. You are a being of light, your heart energy is not limited in it's size. 

Let yourself be filled by light and love. We are light beings, unlimited by time, space and reality. We are infinite.

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