♥ What meditation means to me ♥


I meditate every day. It's the core of my life and I love it! Meditation enables me to stay in my own energy, my inner world. That keeps me from getting overly emotionally / mentally involved in life situations, big or small. And because of that it's easier to put things into perspective and look at them from a different angle. 


Meditation gives me much more energy during the day and makes me feel truly happy, joyous! That's how I came to the name Joyous Mind. It's a happiness that erupts from deep within and I love radiating it all around me, offline ánd online.  

Healing & Teaching

My meditation journey started almost 8 years ago as a way to support my recovery from braininjury. During this healing process I discovered many techniques that directly effected my health. Not only my head improved, but my overall physical and mental health improved as well. The most effective meditation healing techniques I discovered solemnly by working together with my body. Learning to understand its language so that I was able to give my body what it needed. Later I enrolled in multiple courses and teaching programs to be able to teach meditation, but the ground work had already been laid out.  

Guided Meditations

I give guided meditations intuitively. They arise from my intuition ánd the group dynamic. Meditations are therefore never the same, not even within the same theme.  

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