♥ Hi! So nice to meet you! ♥

My name is Stephanie Joyous Mind. Yes, really. I love that name so much that I decided to use it as my last name in an unofficial way 😉 I speak Dutch & English and although this website is in English, personal healing support is offered in both languages.

In 2013, my life changed completely due to the fact that I sustained brain injury. Setting out on a path of selfhealing, I discovered that healing means creating a new self. The person you were, is gone. The life you lived has gone. I learned that it was the courage to let go of the past, that opened up possibilities for the future

In the years that followed all of my perceptions about health, life and the world changed completely. I changed. I peeled off layer after layer until I became my true self. At least that was what I thought. Because in the end it took me not one but two healing processes to get there. In 2018 I sustained brain injury a second time. No matter how harsh that was at the time, it brought me in still deeper connection with myself and I grew into who I truly wish to be.

I live in the Netherlands, but I definitely left my heart in Dartmoor (Devon, UK South West). After years of dreaming, I went to the UK for the first time in 2019. With a dream, guided by intuition and some practical info, I set out on an adventure . Felt me quite a Bilbo! And my guidance didn't let me down: once on the Moor it felt like I had never done anything else than Moorwalking in my whole life. Dartmoor isn't the easiest place for walking with all it's boggy areas, mires and fast-changing weather. But within three days I could compete with the sheep for agility. Although I gratefully use their tracks

The Moor is where I truly feel homeI feel safe out there, connected with my soul, one with nature and life. When I'm out there, I feel fully alive. I love the spaciousness and the endless land. Get over just one Tor and your away from the world. I love that. The energy out there is fresh and peaceful and gives me a feeling of total freedom.

Another thing I love is magic. And Dartmoor is full of magic! From stone circles to fairies, you can find them all.

With all that I have learned about selfhealing, I have a deep wish to inspire and support you along your way. By sharing experiences with you via vlogs and blogs. By supporting you in person online ánd offline. In the future I hope to arrange selfhealing retreats on Dartmoor. Away from it all, connecting deeply with your inner self and working on healing... ♥

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