New life awaits around the corner of your mind

The hardest thing about recovering from illness or injury, is that what you had, is gone. The life you lived, is no longer there. And you cannot go back. You can't recreate the same life again. 

To accept that is often difficult, but only as long as you think in terms of the known. You know what you have now and obviously you don't want that. You know what you had and that was way better.

 But what you don't yet know, is what you might get. There are so many ways to go about life, so many ways of living. And naturally we tend to look at life as we know it. That's why we want it back. When you realise there are whole other possibilities just around the corner of your mind, of your current way of thinking ... imagine what opportunities could arise for you to create a new life. That may or may not be a life without limitations, but the opportunity to live a soul fulfilling life is there for all and everyone of us...

With love,
Stephanie Joyous Mind

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