Quirky Shadows

Setting those quirky messengers from the previous blog free sounds very nice on screen, but how to go about it?

Let me share with you one of the times when I sat with a shadow.

I knew I had done all the selfwork. Knew I had resolved all those shadows that blocked my path instead of accompanying me. Still I felt stuck in life. So somewhere there had to be this swamp that I hadn’t turned into an orchard yet. And I dived. Starting easy, with questions like “what path should I take from here?” “what is holding me back?” “what do I truly want?” “what do I fear?” As my mind grew quiet, my intuition started to answer. Not in an hour or a day, but over the course of weeks I became to see more clearly why I felt stuck and what I had to change. There where ties to the past, ties to people that held me back from growing, ties to the life I was used to live.

Asking transforming questions

I felt I was invited to let go of all of my life (not literally mind) and I asked myself “what if all and everything fell away, what (and who) would I really miss”?

My oh my, what a clarifying question that was! I can highly recommend to imagine you have nothing but a blank sheet to fill up. It makes you see so clearly what is truly important to you.

Fear kept me from showing up

I came to see that I had chosen certain paths because I was afraid that what I truly wanted wouldn’t work out. I didn’t think in possibilities but in impossibilities. Then and there decided to focus solemnly on the few things that remained on my list. And to act upon it. That meant that I had to change. I had to show up for myself in life more and more every single day. No excuses. I had to face any fears I still had, understand them and transform them. Use them as building blocks to grow.

Committed to selfgrowth

Since then I set myself one challenge everyday that makes me step out of my comfort zone. This way  I keep exercising that ‘mental muscle’. Everyday I choose to behave in a new way and with every step I take, that new behaviour becomes my new self.

Take that tiny step

It doesn’t always have to be a big step, a small or even tiny step can be enough. As long as we keep walking. As long as we keep taking action, we keep transforming ourselves. Walking our path of life. Our Journey. Facing our shadows and transforming them into our strengths.

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