What if your life totally changed within a year?

If you knew now, that next year your life would look totally different and you would have manifested your biggest wish, what would you do now? What change would you make today, what decisions would you take, that would allow possibilities to show up that could actually lead to you living your dreamlife?

Do you keep yourself in the same thinking box?

It occurred to me how much we try to change from the same thinking box that we are in already. That way nothing new can arise. We even think we change that box. We believe we change our perceptions and our way of thinking. But then still we try to plan any change based on what we think is possible. In our core something has to shift before probabilities can become possibilities that can turn into manifestations.

Do you deeply believe in the reality of your dreams?

The way we often go about ‘manifesting, creating and attracting our dreamlife’ also shows how much we still believe in impossibilities. We believe only that to be possible which we can imagine to be true. And even if we believe in much more, with some reflection we find ourselves acting on possibilities that are very similar to our current life situation. We make a plan based on what we now think is possible. But what if we act different and take steps that seem foolish from our current perspective? What possibilities would then show up?

Let's see what Tarot shows us

Personally I love Tarot. And my most favourite card is without doubt the Fool. Because not only does it stand for the start of a real journey. A path towards a new goal with so many new things to discover and to learn. The Fool has an unwavering faith in the unknown and feels fully supported when setting out on a new path, answering to an inner call without knowing where it will lead or what will happen. 

Faith that there will be guidance along the way and that listening to one’s inner voice, the voice of heart and intuition, will lead him all the way to the final card, The World. Completion.

Along the way there will be many life lessons, but always do they offer us the opportunity to grow into more alignment with our true being.

So yes, walking the Fool’s path will lead us to more happiness and enriches our lives with new experiences. None of them will be easy, yet all will be rewarding in their own way. It’s a Fools path, out of our Box.

Take a moment to reflect

Reflect on a situation you would like to change. Imagine possibilities you thought only possible in dreams. If you knew them to show up tomorrow, what change would you make today?

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