Nature brings us back to ourselves

A sunny morning in September. Quietly I'm sitting in the woods. The sun shines through the trees and casts a beautiful light spectacle on the leaves. The woodland smells like autumn, lovely refreshing after a warm summer. Birds sing joyfully and chase each other through the branches. 

I listen to the sounds and watch the leaves, gently being moved by a light breeze. They are turning yellow, red and brown yet at the same time I notice new green leaves are growing. Like autumn and spring have arrived at the same time. 

Connecting with All-that-is

The beauty and tranquility of nature opens my heart. I feel love for every living being. For all that is growing and blooming ánd for that what is decaying. In the end, it is all one; everything is connected to everything. By opening my heart for oneness a connection is being created. And I realise it is this connection from our heart that has the power to change the world.

Peace is not an illusion

No matter how much fear and violence there is in the world, the love that can flow from our hearts is way more powerful. Heartlove is infinite and holds a real power, whereas lower frequencies are but a tiny shadow that hold no power themselves. Heartlove is the source energy, the source of life, all-that-is. It is the energy of our very existence, it is our essence. It is who we are. Lightfilled heartbeings. When we connect with our essence, allow source to flow through us, we influence the totallity of existence. The totallity of humanity. The more we use this influence, the more we literally change the world! 

We have the power to recreate this world into a beautiful and lovely place to live in. Peace is not an illusion, it is our natural state of being. And we rediscover that state once we connect with our hearts.

Guided Heart Meditation

♥ Follow along with this guided meditation to open your heart more and deeply connect with your inner self ♥

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