What is mindfulness?

And why is it so connected to nature? Mindfulness is all about living in the present moment. A state of mind that is easier to reach in nature, as if nature is already reaching out to us.

How we lost our naturally mindful state

From young age, we learned to ‘live in our heads’. We went to school and had to use our ‘heads’ all the time. Writing, calculation, reading. The list grew longer as we progressed through our school years. After school our careers took off and here as well we ‘only needed’ our brains. Logical thinking, estimating, judging, forming opinions, weighing consequences of potential decisions.

Our free time is largely spent in front of screens. Whether it’s the tv or a smartphone or a computer, we are always absorbing information with our consciousness.

And we call it normal.

But it is not. It is unnatural.

The effect of our lifestyle on our health

This is why our health on average is pretty low and so many people experience physical or mental limitations. We go against our nature. I am positive about many modern techniques. How awesome is it for instance, that you are able to read this? But technique should add value to our lives, not own us. We have become so depend of it. So addicted to it. Feeling the urge to check for messages, likes and more every few minutes. Dropping what we do every time our phone announces a new message to read it and respond to it.

We are always thinking about where we want to be instead of where we are. Totally forgetting to appreciate the good things in our current situation. It creates tension in the body ánd mind to feeling separated in this way; being with your mind in one place and your physical body in another place. And separation means disconnecting from who we truly are.

We are naturally mindful

Our natural way is to be mindful. To be aware of our bodies. To live in an easy pace, without hurry. Stress is for emergencies and should be used as a survival mechanism for which nature created it.

Our natural way is to move a lot and to live outside, not locked away indoors. We are made for fresh air, provided by trees, not airco systems.

Being mindful is being aware

Mindfulness is the practice of returning to a state of awareness in which we are being present in the now. Aware of the moment. Aware of the space we are in. Aware of who we truly are.

Mindfulness is being in love with life

I am writing this blog in a mindful way. I’m sitting in my garden full of trees. It is nicely warm and the sun warms my back while I’m typing. After every sentence I pause. I breath softly deep into my belly. I smile as I notice the sun lighting up the leaves of the Ivy and trees. I hear the birds behind me enjoying second breakfast and a bath. I feel a light breeze giving the air a fresh sensation. And I sense how I am part of all of this. How I am part of nature. My whole body relaxes in that awareness. They are about to go ramming today. But not now. Right in this very moment everything is perfect.

I am doing what I love in a lovely manner. My day shines brightly as do I.

This is what mindfulness brings you. 

What is the difference between mindfulness and meditation?

In meditation we take mindfulness a step further. Meditation is all about finding inner silence. A silence that brings a deep feeling of peace in our mind and body. Practicing meditation brings balance to your life.

Meditation is the way to connect to our hearts and to live from our heart instead of our head.

3 Tips to start a Mindfulness practice

Want to experience the benefits of mindfulness, but no idea how to start out? Here are a couple of tips to get you on track:

Slow breathing. Take time for every breath, notice how your body moves in response to your breathing. How does the air flow?  Exhale deeply, make sure to let out all air.
Slow down. Don't fill up the few moments you have between appointments and acitivities. Instead, make yourself a cup of tea and become aware of the present moment. You can use your breathing to get you grounded in the here and now.
Awareness. Notice how the leafs are growing, the birds are singing and bring your attention to  ever smaller details. Instead of an outward focus, you zoom in to the tiniest detail in this very moment.

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