So much comes into play if it's about change

I recently discovered a lot about creating change in your life and having your desires manifest. When I started to write about it, I noticed how so many subjects play a roll, that I have now decided to create a series. Change and manifestation is not just one thing. So many different aspects play there part in creating your own life. They all influence each other as well. In spite of this, I’ll try to break it apart into a few comprehendible articles.

Why our life not REALLY changes

Or at least, not in the way you want it to change 😉 .

The main reason is that we hold back with our reasoning brain. Change happens when we allow it to happen. When we allow the endless stream of life energy to flow through us.

Change is our natural stage of being

Change is natural to us. It is our nature. We are not static beings. We are flowing beings who are changing at all times. We shouldn’t be who we were before, yet most people remain more or less the same all of their lives. We put our energy into not changing, into trying to be static. So much fear we have of the unknown that we try to avoid it at all cost. And cost it does. We pay with our life quality and even lives. Yet we call it normal. Illness, unhappiness, hardship, worry, it is called normal. Yet it isn’t. The way we limit ourselves is ridiculous in a way.

We have learned to think first...

We have grown up learning to use and rely on our thinking brain. To put our mind in the lead and stay within the boundaries of what is known. Known to yourself ánd to the people you have around you. Like a tribe everyone stays within the same boundaries, the same way of thinking. We have the voice in our head talking us out of any change. It wants to keep us safe and it has learned that safety is staying in the known. Even if the known means ‘hardship’. Our bodies respond to that voice by making us tighten our muscles, deep tissues, our whole bodies so that our natural flow of energy (and change!) can’t flow. It even tightens our minds and limits our thinking more to what we already know. Remember that what we already know is what we have already experienced. 

...and thereby recreating the past

Our thinking is based on our past experiences and keeping ourselves in the same ‘thinking box’ means recreating the same experiences and thus recreating the past. That is why our life resembles our past so much. And it shows why we often say “I have seen it happen before so it might happen again. I’d better prepare well for it ‘. Uhhh yes, in that case you should. Because if you believe some past experience could happen again, you might well be right.

It is our thinking brain that keeps us stuck

So mentally and physically we block that infinite stream of awareness, that flow of life energy. That is how we limit new possibilities to show up and limit ourselves; we restrain our own life quality. That is why that abundant change we wholeheartedly wish for, doesn’t happen.  

Put your heart in the lead

With your heart in the lead, you follow the voice of your inner wisdom. Yet our thinking brain is not just a block. It is not the bad guy. We need it as much as we need our heart and intuition. Like we need feet to walk and our mind to give direction. By integrating both our heart and brain, we become such powerful creators. A lifelong process, but a wonderful one.

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